Lease Options

We have leasing available.

Download our Lease Options Information Request Form and fill it out to get the lease terms started.  Fill it out, fax it to the number on the fax form or scan it and send it to

We will go to bat for you and team you up with our Lease Partner to make your project affordable.

Please Note: Leasing options may be available on aggregate purchases of CAD $5,000 or greater and are subject to leasing terms and conditions.

What are the upfront costs to you, our customer?

You, our customer, need to pay one monthly payment up front, once approved, as well as an application fee. The application fee is $125.00 for deals under $10k and $250.00 for deals over $10K.

Credit Underwriting Process

Monthly payments for various terms (12, 24, 36, 48, 60 months) are determined utilizing a proprietary computer model that looks at cost of the product, credit history and time in business. A new business that does not qualify for financing can be approved with a personal guaranty depending on your personal credit. Payment estimators are used for ballpark estimates and are good for qualifying you as far as your interest in financing the product. However, monthly payments can vary greatly depending on your creditworthiness.

For example, the most common term is 48 months. To provide you with a ballpark estimate for 48 months, multiply the cash sale price by .034. If your purchase price is $25,000.00, multiply it by .034    –     (.034 X $25,000.00) and you get $850.00 per month. If it turns out you have excellent credit, the payment may as low as $700.00. If it is poor credit it may be $1,075.00.

Top tier credits may qualify for a $1.00 buy-out at the end of the lease.

Otherwise there is a 10% Fair Market Value (FMV) buy-out at the end of the lease.

This is only an example – we expect the lease rates to be considerably lower.

Download your Lease application – click here