Access Wireless Distribution Corporation is 100% family owned. Since 1983, we’ve been working hard to earn the privilege of doing business with our clients year after year. You can rely on our decades of combined high-tech and customer service experience, and rest assured that we’re not going anywhere.

Access Wireless Distribution Corporation is based in Canada with our shipping warehouse in Ontario.   If you need it we have it because we always have a lot of stock on hand to meet any size order.

We are completely independent and we were set up to ship these products within Canada so that Canadians would not have to suffer the crazy import fees. We paid those fees when we imported them but we imported BULK quantities so it amortizes those expenses down quite a bit. The net result is great prices that match the USA prices without the extra import duties and we also provide local service and warranty.  We hope you give us a try.


Where we are heading … with you

Access Wireless is a fast growing IT solutions provider for business, government and education. Our unique approach to technology starts with comprehensive product knowledge and outstanding customer support, ensuring our customers find the right solution. We assist buyers of all levels of experience from the earliest stages of decision-making through product fulfillment and post-sales support.

Cloud managed WiFi Networks and related solutions are our specialty. You benefit from award-winning product teams built around dedicated engineers with in-depth technical expertise. We are certified and trained on every solution we offer, giving customers a single go-to source to guide them in making smart IT buying decisions that fit their unique requirements.

Our team is available to provide timely answers to your most critical questions. In addition, we support customers with product renewal notifications, updates and enhancements. Let our experts suggest complementary solutions or new technologies to secure your assets.

We have experienced tremendous growth and success by consistently meeting our customers’ expectations. This allows us to build strong relationships and work closely with our clients. We know you expect more than just a quote from your technology partner – and that is the Access Wireless difference.